Avoiding delays during a property transaction

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We've all heard tales that moving home is one of life’s most stressful events, but there are steps to avoid delays in the selling process, making moving a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Chain reaction

The main factor that usually hampers the speed of a sale is when one transaction is dependent on the completion of another. Once a chain is broken, it can either cause long delays or for all linked sales to fall through completely, while delays can also occur if sales move at different paces. One way to avoid such problems is to allow agents and conveyancers to handle communication between the various buyers and sellers as this will ensure all parties are clear when sales will complete.

Proactive and efficient

Sellers can also negate hold-ups by adopting a diligent, proactive approach. Completing and returning paperwork promptly and not going on holiday midway through the process, for example, can help minimise delays. Missing documentation is another common hold-up that can be avoided by checking which documents are required early in the process.

Help at hand

If you’re thinking about moving and need help arranging a mortgage, then get in touch and we’ll help take the strain out of that part of the moving process.

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