Home insurance against accidents

Of 76,518 claims made last year, accidental loss or damage at home, accounted for more than a quarter.

Accidental damage and escape of water are the most common home insurance claims*.

While we often think of threats like theft or fire, this research reveals that more home insurance claims result from clumsiness than malice. Of 76,518 claims made last year, accidental loss or damage at home, which can include everything from staining a carpet to drilling through a pipe, accounted for more than a quarter. 


Escape of water made up another quarter of claims, while outside threats like storm damage (13%) and theft (7%) were much less common. 


However careful you are, accidents happen. When damage occurs, having the right home insurance in place provides crucial peace of mind. We can help you find the best protection for your needs. 


As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply 

* GoCompare, 2023 

11 December, 2023

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